Its employees are Catena’s most important resource and entirely crucial for the operations. One way of following up the employees’ view of the Company’s role as an employer and its ongoing sustainability work is by means of the annual employee survey. The latest employee survey was answered by 93 percent of all employees. The results of the employee survey show that Catena’s employees are very satisfied and are good ambassadors for the Company.

We are following up employee loyalty in terms of eNPS, Employee Net Promotor Score. The rating is a measure of how many of the employees are prepared to recommend the Company as a workplace on a scale of -100 to +100. A positive rating means that the organisation has more active ambassadors than critics. The target of +40 was achieved with margin 2020.

Great Place to Work

Logistics property company Catena was, for the first time, certified by Great Place to Work in autumn 2021 – demonstrating that the company’s employees perceive Catena as an excellent workplace. The certification is based on Great Place to Work’s international standard for workplace assessment, in which all of the employees share their personal experience of their workplace through a thorough examination of the workplace culture.