Ättekulla in Helsingborg is an excellent logistics location where Catena is to construct an additional logistics facility for PostNord TPL.

A logistics facility of 16,478 sqm is to be constructed on Catena’s existing land at the Bunkagården Mellersta 1 property. The facility will be certified in accordance with the Miljöbyggnad Silver environmental construction standard and preparations will be made for the installation of a photovoltaic cell facility on the roof. A ten-year agreement has been signed with PostNord TPL. The land in question is located adjacent to the Bunkagården Mellersta 2 property, where PostNord is already Catena’s tenant. In connection with the new investment, the existing lease agreement for the neighbouring property will also be extended and a photovoltaic system will be installed there as well. The new construction project entails efficient use of the land at the site as the new facility will, for example, share marshalling yards and parking spaces with the existing facility.

PostNord TPL planning to move into the property during autumn 2022. Catena now leases slightly more than 75,000 sqm of logistics space to PostNord in Helsingborg alone – most recently the newly constructed terminal of 18,300 sqm at Logistics Position Tostarp came into operation.

Area: Ättekulla
Communications: Close to E4 motorway and close to the city
Ongoing development

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