Since Catena chose to focus on logistics properties in 2013, the Company has generated shareholder value with a steady return on equity averaging about 17 percent. In the long-term, Catena's dividends to shareholders should amount to 50 percent of profit from property management after standard tax. The share is traded on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange, Large Cap.

3 company specific factors that creates value

Focused business model adds value
With a focus on strategically located logistics properties adjacent to key logisitic hubs, Catena has amassed a particularly deep knowledge of logistics and trade - insights that safeguard Catena's strong position in the market and provide customers with a proactive and ambitious partner.

Project development as value driver
Development and refinement are important components in Catena's overall business modell. They create conditions for value growth in the existing portfolio or through completely new constructions projects. The large land reserve in strategically important positions is an important prerequisite for growing with new and existing customers.

Strong cash flow provides a stable platform
Maintaining a considerable breadth of customers, several of whom are among the largest distributors in the market, safeguards strong cash flow with a secure and stable base for the company.

3 external factors favouring Catena

Extensive structural changes with technological innovation as the common denominator, are bringing new consumption patterns. Digitally driven trade brings major changes that increase the need for logistics space, but also place demands on fast, individualised and climate-smart deliveries. The logistics chain is becoming even more critical, bringing increased demand for modern logistics properties in appropriate locations.

The global economy and trade drive demand for improved logistics solutions able to meet needs for efficient flows in an increasingly complex and integrated world market.

Behavioural changes affects Catena's operations. Urbanisation is driving a concentration of logistics positions closer to the customer and digitally driven trade is growing strongly in all age categories, which favourds an accelerating rate of growth.