Catena is a efficient and value-driven organisation. The position as a leader in logistics properties is attributable largely to the capacity existing throughout the organisation. Extensive experience and specialist expertise in logistics, property development, property management
and transactions generate value for customers but also enable short decision paths and
freedom of action.

Legal structure

Catena AB is the parent company in a group including several subsidiaries and sub-subsidiaries.

Operational structure

Catena’s organisation primarily constitutes the Management and Business Development functions. Added to these are the group’s Economy/Finance HR, Sustainability and Communications functions. The Senior management consists of the CEO, Deputy CEO/CFO, Head of Treasury, and Head of Business Support. The Senior Management bears the overall responsibility for business development, financial management, performance monitoring and information matters.

Property management

Property management is adapted to the geographical location of the properties within five regions – Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Jönköping, Malmö and Stockholm.

Business Development

The Business Development function handles projects and development, as well as the transactions implemented by Catena.